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Is Email Marketing Dead? 7 Hot 2019 Trends You Need to Know About

Is Email Marketing Dead? 7 Hot 2019 Trends You Need to Know About

is email marketing dead

Research shows that 93% of B2B marketers distribute content via email. Add this to the fact that there are currently more than 5.5 billion active email accounts, and it’s easy to see why email marketing is on the rise.

In fact, analysts predict that in 2019 alone, marketers will spend more than $350 million on email advertising campaigns.

Is email marketing dead? Far from it. Today, we’re sharing seven exciting trends to watch as you pursue this initiative.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!1. Personalization Takes Center Stage

Emails are only relevant if they’re opened. Want to get your branding in front of as many eyes as possible? Then, it needs to be tailored to the needs, preferences, and pain points of your buyer. 

Gone are the days when a generic email blast could yield results. Now, it’s all about custom messaging and personalization to get your point across.

Thankfully, there’s enough Big Data available to simplify this feat. Analyze yours to mine insights on what your customers like, dislike, need, and want from your company.2. Mobile Orders Go Big

Mobile shopping may be on the rise. Yet, historically, customers have shied away from using their phones to make big-ticket purchases such as living room furniture or vacations. 

As such, the mobile average order value (MAOV) tends to trail behind the value of desktop transactions. 

This will all change in 2019.

As companies around the world prioritize the customer experience along with corporate transparency and visibility, consumer confidence is up.

That means people are more willing to share their credit card information and other personal data if it means they can order a new sectional on Monday and prop their feet up on it by Friday.  3. Sharpened Focus on Quality

You spent a ton of time, money and energy crafting the perfect email. So, why is it sitting in someone’s virtual recycle bin?

Moving forward into this year, one of the top email marketing trends will be a fine-tuned focus on quality, not quantity. Sure, you can send out 250 emails in one second. But, if 200 of them are left unopened, your efforts are for naught. 

Especially as Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo tighten their security standards, it’s time to cut back on fluffy filler. Make sure the data you send out meets the needs of your ideal, high-value buyer and focus less on how many emails you send per day.4. Gamification and Interaction Help Open Rates

Why send a text-only email to your current list of subscribers? Today, there are myriad tools and tons of technology available to boost customer engagement. 

From image carousels to quizzes and games, consider how interactive content can help viewers access your info.

The best part? They can do it all without leaving the email itself. That means they’re learning, having fun — and still ready to buy.

Before you roll out a new email marketing campaign, consider how a game or similar setup could be stretched out across multiple days. For instance, you can establish a point system that begins on Monday and closes on Friday.

You can also add graphic elements such as emojis to build rapport, share emotion, and conjure up a response in your audience. These tips can help you understand how and why it’s helpful to personalize and personify your messages.

Encourage your subscribers to check back in daily to learn what’s new.5. Loyalty Programs Help Capture Data

How do you gather those insights on what your audience needs? Ask them!

Better yet, encourage them to participate in loyalty programs. Through these, they can share their basic contact information and check in routinely for points they can cash in for discounts on your gear.

Once they opt-in, you can send them short surveys periodically where they can share their sentiments and earn extra points. 

Make sure you’re transparent on how your company intends to use the data presented so there’s no question on its security. 6. Social Media Takes a Back Seat

Recent research shows that 40% of people deleted a social media account over the past year. 

The top reason why they’re abandoning ship? They’re untrusting of how each platform will use their confidential information. 

As a marketer, this offers an opportunity for you to diversify your approach. Rather than putting all of your focus into the social media path, leverage your email marketing tactics more strongly.7. The Growth of Machine Learning

Machine learning makes our list of the most powerful and promising email marketing trends, and here’s why: It helps us keep your messages out of someone’s “spam” folder. 

If website design isn’t your thing, you can always partner with a professional team who can take the reins. As they do, they’ll join the ranks of most major internet service providers (ISPs) who are also tightening down on relevancy.

Take into account how customers access your data, what their lifestyles are like and what types of devices they’re reading their emails on. This information and more help you build sophisticated machine learning systems that are more responsive and accurate than in years past.  Is Email Marketing Dead?

In an era where technology seems to be flying at lightning speed, email can feel antiquated at times. Yet, that was yesterday’s system.

Today’s email technology is sleeker, more sophisticated and more intuitive than ever before. Is email marketing dead? Quite the opposite. It’s finally waking up.

Check back often for more tips on how to grow your business and nourish your personal life. 

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