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How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account?

Once you know that your account has been disabled, the next question “How to reactivate your Facebook account that has been disabled”.

To get your temporarily disabled Facebook account, there are mainly two forms available. You can choose as per your requirement however from 2 has the option of ‘Additional Info’ where you can justify your case.

Form 1

To use this form, use this link: My Personal Account Was Disabled

This form is useful for those who know which of the facebook terms and conditions they have violated. If you are not able to access your account for any other reason, you should try any other method of recovery.

1. Enter the email address or phone number that is linked to your Facebook account.

2. Type your full name and click on ‘Choose files’.

3. Then select the ID proof from the list.

Form 2

To fill-up Form 2, visit the link: Disabled – Ineligible

1. Enter the full name.

2. Mention Date of Birth.

3. In the box for ‘Additional Info’, enter the reason in details.

4. Enter the email address or phone number and press ‘Send’.

Proofs to Attach with the Appeal Form

The proof you will attach should include- your name, date of birth and residence mentioned on it. Also, the details should match what you have provided on Facebook otherwise you will not be able to recover the account.

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • Voter’s ID Card
  • Tax Identification Card etc.

You can know more about the proofs by visiting the link: What types of ID does Facebook accept?

Form 3

To use the form 3, here is the link: Security Disabled

This form is useful for those whose Facebook account is disabled due to long inaccessibility. If you haven’t opened your Facebook account after it was temporarily disabled, you can use this form to get it back.

Simply open the form and fill in the required details. Attach the required document and click on send and wait till your account is reactivated.

Once you have filled the form, it may take around a week to review. So you need to wait at least a week before moving further. Also, keep a check on your emails as FB may send you the activation status once you have submitted the appeal. You can try logging in to your Facebook account to check if it reactivated or not.

Also make sure that you don’t fill the form more then once else it will make you look like a spammer.

Apart from this, you can consult the Facebook Help Center | Facebook for further help

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