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How to Convert New Facebook Group Members into Leads & Paying Customers

How to Convert

New Facebook Group Members into

Leads & Paying Customers

(Without Wasting Your Time & Money)


Zapier Is Not Required

Money-Back Guarantee

Saves Time & Money

Unlimited FB Groups

Automate Lead Collection

Say Goodbye To Expensive VAs

3,500+ ENTREPRENEURS & BUSINESSES Use Group Leads To Build Their Email List On AUTOPILOT

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How It Works

Follow these 3 simple steps to turn your new facebook group members into Leads (in google sheet) ==> Email Subscribers ==> Sales/Clients


Go over to your group, setup the three Facebook group questions you want new members to answer when they join. Make sure the last question request for email.


Install Group Leads chrome extension [Click any of the buttons below, we would send your copy + License], connect a copy of the provided google sheet format and hook it up with your email marketing software


Go over to new members’ requests, select your filters and hit Approve All button and see all leads info get added to your google sheet and your email list populated with leads’ emails with just ONE CLICK


In addition to the data on your Google sheet, you can Login to your Group Leads account dashboard and you’ll find all your new Facebook group members data with history. You can filter, export the data and use to create custom and lookalike audiences

What You Can Do With Group Leads

Facebook Group Lead Generation

Managing and growing a Facebook group is hard but generating leads must not be.

No more copying/screenshotting and pasting of new members information (manually) from your Facebook group to excel/google sheet and then importing the emails to your email autoresponder.

You’ve discovered an easy to use software that would help you get more leads and also sell more of your products to your Facebook group members on AUTOPILOT! It will save you time and money, so you focus on the most important part of your business.

This extension works on the OLD & NEW Facebook layouts.

Facebook Group Automatic Approval

Forget about having to click before you can approve new group members into your proup.

Group Leads can help you to auto approve new Facebook group members and at the same time send members’ data to Google sheet, and your email marketing software.

Set this up based on your own criteria – so you only have to approve people who meet your terms, see how leads automatically get added to your CRM.

This feature is optional.

Auto Message Declined Group Members

New members are not filling up your anboarding questions? No worries.

Use our new member decline messaging feature to send them custom messages based on different criteria.

You get much more value, insights & quality market research about your audience and also keep spammers away from your group.

This feature is optional.

Auto Decline New Group Members

Many group admins are now experiencing spammers who join the group with different Facebook accounts and also answer the welcome questions maybe via bots.

When they join, provide the same answers to the questions across different Facebook accounts, they use to join.

You can input the answers being left into Group Leads and the spammers would automatically get declined when they join.

Tag New Group Members In Welcome Post

Group Leads allows you to automatically tag new
group members in your welcome post when you
approve them into the group.

Custom tag them all in single comment or tag them
invidually with support for emojis.

Send Welcome Message To New Group Members

Group Leads allows you to automatically send welcome messages
to your newly approved group members.

With different customization options that ensure your messages
look natural and you can use custom fields such as [first_name],
[last_name], [full_name] to mention new group members first, last and full names respectively.

Send New Group Member Data To Three Places

No more data loss
You can grab all members’ details at a go and get them added to three places:

Add data of your new Facebook group members into Google spreadsheet

Add their submitted emails to your favorite email marketing softwares so you can market to them again and again

Add data of your new Facebook group members into your private Group Leads Dashboard


An average of 5 stars reviews on Google Chrome webstore

So where have you been? what a game changer and no more wasting time manually approving and copying email addresses. Way to go. To new users just hop on board and let Group Leads do it’s thing.
Ronald Saker
Jan 8, 2020
If you have any doubts about using this tool, let me put you at ease. Group leads frees up my virtual assistant to work on more meaningful task those saving my money and growing my business. The customer support is also super stellar. I couldn’t be happier.
Naseema McElroy
Nov 22, 2019
Group Leads is a reliable, quality software that has also eliminated the amount of clicks needed to secure group member data. Making my job quicker and easier. Jamiu the developer is dependable and a devoted craftsmen,Very impressed! Thankyou for a great tool.
Ryan Bowles
Oct 16, 2019
HUGE fan of this plugin! There are other choices out there when it comes to pulling leads from Facebook group questions, but this one integrates with autoresponder APIs and they’re always adding new integrations.
If you’ve ever used a plugin like this before, you know that sending the leads to a Google Sheet and zapping it to your autoresponder is a gaint pain in the butt, and it doesn’t always work right. This plugin takes care of the hassle for you. I’ll use it for as long as I’m running Facebook groups.
Ysmay Walsh
Dec 8, 2019
This is such a vital product that I was super surprised to find that there was only one available! 10/10 recommend for ease of accessibilty, and incredible customer service. Jamiu, the creator, walks you through setup personally, trouble shoots problems with you and has immediate responsiveness (less than a minute). This service saves me so much time that I don’t have to pay smeone else for, or spend doing busywork when I could be growing my business. I would have paid five times the monthly rate for this product.
Brenna Cliver
Sep 24, 2019
This extension has been a lifesaver for me. Instead of combing through hundreds of approvals a day for my Facebook group, we can just use this extension. And the support is AMAZING. Email and you will have an answer back lightning fast.
Jamie Harrington
Jan 2, 2020
I just started using Group Leads and it is going to save me hours of time and tracking! I ran into one small issue (my user error!) and Jamiu jumped on a Zoom call to help me sort it out. Huge time saver! Great customer service! I am thrilled to use this automation tool!
Becky Launder
Oct 14, 2019
The extension is a huge time saver and we’re excited to automate our lead genareation on Facebook. The customer service was also quick to respond and Jamiu helped us set our account up within minutes. Very easy process!
Venessa Lau
Dec 2, 2019
I love automation, I preach automation, I give automation to my clients. I just started my Facebook group and this extension is exactly what i was looking for. And they’ve already made a big improvement to it in the first 2 weeks I’ve been using it!
Karvel Digital
Dec 6, 2019
I just started using group leads and what a life saver! will save me tons of time and effort, Not only that Jamiu was really patient with me and helping me setting it up and running. Amazing customer service at all hours of the day! Thanks for this amazing extension Jamiu!!
Inna Merkin
Oct 27, 2019
The tool works great and the support is almost instant which makes this way better than other similar tools I have tried. Yes, I recommend it for sure!
Get it, set it, forget it!
Eugan Popa
Nov 28, 2019
An awesome extension and a valuable addition to my business. Before using it I was spending hours copying out questions answered by hundreds of people entering my fb group. Now without having to pay someone to do it for me, this extension does the job. Great support from the team too 🙂
Harry Snell
Nov 10, 2019

Autoresponder Integrations

Group Leads integrates with popular email marketing softwares & CRMs.

Once connected, you can set up different behavior rules to deliver anything to your group members after adding them to your email list and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions


Group Leads helps you to instantly convert new Facebook group members into leads in your favorite email marketing software.


Yes, it is beginner friendly and you only need to set this up once and for all. It also works fine on the new Facebook layout.


No, you don’t need to get Zapier for this to work as we’ve coded up that part for you so you save your time and money.

Yes, you can use it for as unlimited Facebook groups with out having to pay extra fee.

YES!  you’ll always get 100% free updates. It’s automatic, so you don’t need to worry about checking for new updates every now and then.


You can use group leads for FREE for the next 7 days. If the software is not a good fit for your business or whatsoever, you have your money back 100%.


As a user of Group Leads, we’re happy to tell you that we do not store or have access to your subscribers’ data in any way. You have total control of the data on your email list and google sheet

Yes and by doing so, you earn 30% recurring commission for life per subscription (sale) from your referral. Our affiliate programme is handled by PADDLE UK

Try Group Leads For Free

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time

Zapier Is Not Required

Money-Back Guarantee

Automate Lead Collection

Saves Time & Money

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Unlimited FB Groups

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Say Goodbye To Expensive VAs

Simply Gets RESULTS!

We give everything you need to automate lead collection and sell more of your Services.

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