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Shortcut to high ticket sales

Shortcut to high ticket sales

Sometimes we think that people need a ton of indoctrination before they buy something high ticket from us… that may be true.. but here are a few massive shortcuts that can lead to a quick high ticket sale:

1. Referral (probably the fastest and one of my favorite)

2. If they see you on a podcast or interview on a Channel they already trust..

3. If they see other people recommending you to others who need your service. ( another one of my fav)

The common element here is that you gotta be awesome at what you do.. if not.. then none of this will happen.

Lucky for you, generally speaking, your competition is stinky stew.

It’s not hard to be better than them.. all you have to do is get results.. show that you care.. anddddd get people results.. simple..

That should be your main focus..

Get people results.. and the rest will fall into place..

If your funnels are ugly.. your email follow up systems are incomplete.. your bots suck.. your website has spelling and grammar errors..

Doesn’t matter.. as long as your provide people RESULTS…

At the end of the day.. that’s what people want.. results..

Focus on that one core thing.. and everything else will fall into place.. don’t let shiny objects smack you in the face with a cold wet fish.

Focus on the customer and you can’t lose. 🙂

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