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How To Understand, online Advertising

CPA Glossary

CPA – Cost Per Action (an action can be a download, a sale, a user submitting a form). On a completion of an action you receive payment.

CPL – Cost Per Lead (when a user fills out a form or enters information into a page).

CPS – Cost Per Sale (a commission of a sale i.e. your earn 50% commissions of a $100 sale).

ROI – Return on Investment (Your amount in % that you make from any given campaign).

Example: If you spend $30 and make $60 you would be at 100% ROI, If you spend $30 and make $45 your ROI would be 50%.

EPC – Earnings Per Click (The value of each click you are sending, the higher the number the better).

Example: If you are buying traffic from Facebook at 0.30 a click and your Earnings per click is 0.60 direct linking you would be at 100% ROI.

Raw Clicks – Raw clicks or sometimes called Total clicks is the amount of visitors to hit your offer, even if one visitor hits your page 3 times they are counted only as 1 unique click.

Unique Clicks – Unique IP addresses hitting the page. If 1 Visitor hits the page 3 times they are counted only as 1 Unique.

PPC Glossary

PPC – Pay Per Click (The amount your are charged per click, the lower the better)

CTR – Click Through Rate (The amount in % your ad is clicked by a user measured per 1,000 impressions.

Example: If 1,000 people see your ad and 10 Click you would have a 1% CTR.

CPM – Cost Per Mille (Cost per 1,000 impressions) How much it costs to show your ad to 1,000 people.

PPV – Pay Per View (A pop up or pop under that is a result of adware on a computers screen, when the pop up or pop under fires that is counted as a view).

Desktop Traffic – Traffic that comes only from Laptops and Desktop users. Desktop is considered to be the highest quality of traffic and usually costs more to serve than mobile.

*In some cases Tablet Traffic may be mixed in with Desktop Traffic.

Mobile Traffic – Traffic from mobile devices only. Mobile traffic is good, inexpensive but usually does not convert nearly as well in comparison to Desktop.

Conversion– The completion of a lead, sale or download.

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