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7 figure funnel math

7 figure funnel math

Ok.. so check out this simple formula..


hahaha.. ok lets break that down…

Real Content that Works given to People who Need it the Most Equals your audience coming up with a natural logical conclusion that they should buy from you 🙂

This concept is one of the 1st things I ever learned about online marketing. When done right, you have time and financial freedom.

Here is one of the sexiest things about this..

So check it out.. If a car doesn’t start.. Generally speaking its one of 2 things.. the starter is broken or the battery is dead..

IF you jump start the car.. and its still not starting.. well more than likely its the starter.. Do you see how we can identify the problem by process of elimination? So now we KNOW its the battery.. all we have to do is jump it or replace is.. and we will get our desired result.. the car will start!

Same thing goes for funnels and traffic..

If you have a good funnel and its not converting.. then take a look at the formula above..

1. Does your content actually work? If people were to implement what you teach.. is that giving them GREAT results? If not.. than 1st fix that! Hone your craft.. get a mentor.. read some books.. take a course.. go to a conference.. whatever you have to do to hone your craft so your content is better, and will get people great results.. I see way to many people trying to sell X and when I ask them hey man how good are you at X.. they are like.. welllllllllll im learning.. How in the who ha are you going to sell X if you are still learning? Thats kinda like stealing if you ask me.. good news is.. it doesn’t take long to learn.. first learn and get results.. then sell.. its far easier, and ethical.. the good news is you will be rewarded for being ethical by actually getting more sales..

Results = more results= even more results = snow ball infinity…

2. Are you giving this good content to the right people who need it the most? For example if your awesome at making cotton candy.. your not going to set up shop outside the diabetes clinic 😜 … The people your dealing with, targeting, talking to.. are these the people who will benefit the most from your stuff? Are you calling out your peeps? Do they love you? They won’t if you dont resonate with them, and your stuff doesn’t work.. again.. be real.. sell something thats gotten you results.. otherwise.. its a joke.. and the good news is.. it doesn’t take very long at all to get actual results.. if your doing things right.. results come quickly.. fact.

So refine these 2 things.. cause these 2 things can make money one less thing to worry about..

btw.. how cool is the internet? I had to pay a bunch of money and travel across the globe to learn this.. and you just got the cliff notes from it.. just like that! I LOVE IT!! Congrats on being an online entrepreneur! Its such a gift! anyway.. go implement and reap the rewards! Peace!!

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