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15 Marketing Tricks For An eBook Marketer

15 Marketing Tricks For An eBook Marketer

Doesn’t matter if you’ve already gotten your first eBook rolling or not, these 15 marketing tricks will help you to get more out of your digital product:

Trick #1: Utilize One Main Domain Name For Each Product.
 — Why is this important? Let’s just say you have 100 eBooks. Instead of hosting each eBook on one separate domain name, host it on the same domain name.
For example: You can have one domain name called “cbpassiveincome.com”. Then, host one of your eBooks under “cbpassiveincome.com/ebook”

Trick #2: Brand Your Main Domain Name.
 — What is Branding? It’s trust. What is trust? By believing in your products.
What is believing? Higher sales conversion for your product offer. That’s branding. What I am trying to say is… “Before you purchase a domain name, think about an appropriate domain name for your business. No rush. Think through it on how it will create mass appeal for your business.

All right to respective Owners

Trick #3: Link One Product to Another On Download Page or Thank You Page
 — This is very important especially if you are utilizing one domain name for all. The best way to show your other eBooks would be on the download page. This will boost your sales as you indirectly offer this to your existing buyers.

Trick #4: Always Utilize .Com extension For Your Domain Name.
— This is very important. Even though there are many different domain name extensions such as: .net, .org, .info, .rock and so on, but in human perception, people value a .com extension for a “real” business. So, if you decide to brand your domain name, always starts with .com extension. No exception to the rule.

Trick #5: Add signature file for every outgoing email.
 — You just need to mention something like… “P.S. Have you downloaded your free report? If not, make sure you download it now at: {Your Squeeze Page URL}}”.

Trick #6: Create a “Products” tab on your blog.
 — This allows people to know all the products you offer.

Trick #7: Utilize relevant PLR products as special bonuses when you recommend affiliate products.
— Do NOT include PLR rights or Master Resale Rights on each bonus you giveaway as part of your bonuses. This allows you to maintain the value of each product you are giving away to your audience. In internet marketing, private label rights (PLR) is a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work.

MRR stands for Master Resale Rights
, which not only allows you to sell the product, as is, you can pass on the Resale Rights (RR) to the product as well. You still do not have the right to alter the product. Private Label Rights (PLR) on the other hand, allow you to change, personalise, or otherwise alter the product to make it into your own, including putting your own name on it as the writer/originator.

Trick #8: Use Survey as a way to find out what your audience want from you.
 — You can ask your audience three challenges they face in their business or any niche. This allows you to know the type of eBooks you can offer to your audience. This will give you the certainty you need to recommend the right type of eBooks to your audience.

Trick #9: Add One or Two Extra Bonuses on Each eBook You Release.
 — Remember: You should always be difference than other marketers who are selling eBooks. By adding one or two extra bonuses, your eBook offers will stand unique compare to other eBook creators.

Trick #10: Utilize partial of your eBook contents as a way to intrigue people to sign-up to your E-newsletter.
 — If you go to a food court in the United States, they are giving away a sample. Why is this important? It allows people to “taste” what they are going to learn if they order the meal. Well, a lot of Internet Entrepreneurs are giving away sample as well. This allows their audience to know the quality of the product.

Trick #11: Create A Cash Contest.
— You can use *real* cash as part of your contest where you ask people to subscribe to your list. In addition, you can also provide *gift certificate* that can be used to purchase your eBook. Example: 1st Winner = $100 + $500 Gift Certificates to YOUREBOOKS. 2nd Winner = $75 + $400 Gift Certificates to YOUREBOOKS. 3rd Winner = $50 + $250 Gift Certificates to YOUREBOOKS. 4th Winner = $25 + $150 Gift Certificates to YOUREBOOKS. 5th Winner = $75 Gift Certificates to YOUREBOOKS.

Trick #12: Add Your Image on Your Squeeze Page to Avoid Spam Complaints.
 — Many people receive a lot of emails on a regular basis. It also means that if they don’t recognize you, they will click on the “Spam” button right away. By adding your image with your name at the bottom, it will help your audience to remember who you are.

Trick #13: Use Fiverr.com to create professional picture.
 — Instead of trying to create an unprofessional pictures, find a professional on Fiverr for $5 to do the work for you.

Trick #14: Always give a free eBook to a stranger instead of spending extra one hour with him.
 — You can always utilize the free report you own from your eBook as a way to tell your visitors what you do. This allows you to build trust with someone you just encounter.

 Everything starts from relationship. Let your new audience to know you first before you are able to motivate them to become your clients.

Trick #15:
 Always recommend high-quality products at all cost. — Regardless of how lazy you are, you should always double or triple check the quality of each eBooks you want to recommend to your audience. If there is a part of the contents inside the eBooks you do not like, change or modify it to your liking. This allows your audience to receive only the best from you

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